Monday, April 26, 2010

Smith on Arizona’s New Law: "Good for the Governor and the legislature"

Washington, DC – Ranking Member Lamar Smith (R-TX) issued the following statement in response to reports that Governor Jan Brewer signed a new immigration enforcement bill into law. 

Ranking Member Smith:  “Arizonans are no different from other Americans – they want to see the nation’s immigration laws enforced.  They are rightly concerned about the jobs that illegal immigrants take from citizens and legal immigrants; about their community’s safety, especially after Mr. Krentz’s murder; and about the substantial costs to taxpayers from illegal immigration.

“Pro-amnesty groups and the Obama administration may not like the new law, but they have nobody but themselves to blame for it.  

“The fact is that Arizona is on the front lines of the illegal immigration battle.  But there are numerous examples of the Obama administration’s failure to enforce the law – limits on the successful 287(g) program, substantial drops in worksite enforcement activity, and continued violence at the border. 

“Good for the Governor and the legislature for seeing the writing on the wall.  They recognized that the only way to get the job done was to do it themselves.  And, since they have the inherent authority to do it, they are rightly doing what’s good for the people of their State.

“If the Obama administration continues to refuse to enforce the nation’s immigration laws – even with Arizona’s former Governor at the helm – it should not be surprised if more Governors and legislatures follow suit.”