Washington, D.C. — House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) released the following statement marking World Intellectual Property (IP) Day.

“World Intellectual Property Day is a day to recognize the valuable contribution that intellectual property has brought to our nation.

“Intellectual property industries are one of America’s chief job creators and competitive advantages in the global marketplace, creating millions of high-skilled, high-paying U.S. jobs and contributing billions to our economy.

“As a steadfast guardian of intellectual property protections, the House Judiciary Committee continues to focus on protecting American innovation and creativity in an effort to create jobs, restore economic prosperity to America, and encourage the production of the books, songs, movies, and other works that enhance the quality of our daily lives.

“With these goals in mind, the House Judiciary Committee is in the process of conducting a multi-year comprehensive review of U.S. copyright law to determine whether the laws are still working in the digital age.  As technology continues to rapidly advance, we must ensure that our copyright system can keep pace.

“Today the House is poised to pass the first legislative step resulting from the Committee’s copyright review. The bipartisan Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act makes important changes to the selection process for the head of the U.S. Copyright Office, known as the Register of Copyrights.

“Following House passage of this legislation, we intend to turn to the other Copyright Office reforms contained in our first policy proposal.  As our copyright review continues, we remained fully committed to working with all Members and stakeholders to ensure that these laws are working in the digital age to reward creativity and protect the rights of authors, artists, and creators.”

Background: April 26, 2017 marks the 17th Annual World IP Day.  This day was designated by the member nations of the World Intellectual Property Organization in order to raise awareness about how patents, copyrights, and trademarks impact daily life, to raise understanding of how protecting IP rights helps promote creativity and innovation, to celebrate the contributions of creators and innovators to societies around the world, and to encourage respect for the IP rights of others.