Washington, DC – Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Lamar Smith (R-Texas) issued the following statement responding to reports that Administration officials may have offered a job to former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff in an attempt to keep him from running against Democratic Senator Michael Bennet:

“It appears the Administration’s political interference in elections is not limited to the Pennsylvania Senate primary.  I am concerned that the Obama Administration has engaged in a habit of attempting to manipulate the democratic election process to benefit the Democratic Party.  Such actions are certainly unethical and may very well be criminal.  And it makes the recent White House report attempting to downplay allegations even less believable. 

“I again urge the FBI to immediately investigate possible corrupt practices by White House officials.  Similarly, the Justice Department should reconsider the request to appoint a special counsel.  Though the Administration may think this is ‘politics as usual’, I can assure the American people that Congress will not stop until we are satisfied that we have found the truth.”