Washington, D.C.-House Judiciary Committee Democrats today opposed a Resolution of Inquiry demanding information regarding the job offers made by Administration officials to Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) and Colorado senatorial candidate Andrew Romanoff. 

The resolution was introduced last week by Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Lamar Smith and Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner in response to the Administration’s refusal to provide the requested documents. Specifically, Smith and Sensenbrenner wanted to know if DOJ was consulted about the legal issues surrounding these offers before or after the offers were made.  

Ranking Member Smith: “I’m disappointed that Judiciary Committee Democrats today voted against requiring the Obama administration to make good on its promise of openness and transparency.  Allegations of unethical and possibly criminal conduct by Administration officials should be taken seriously by Congress.  Unfortunately, when it’s comes to possible misconduct by the Obama administration, Democrats in Congress seem eager to sweep the allegations under the rug. 

“In the White House Counsel’s report, released earlier this month, the Administration admitted to making the offer to Rep. Sestak in an attempt to prevent a divisive primary that might have ended with a lost Democratic seat in the Congress.  It is a crime to offer someone a federal appointment as a reward for withdrawing from a primary election race. 

“I am disappointed that this Resolution of Inquiry is even necessary.  But the Administration has ignored all efforts to conduct meaningful oversight. If the Administration has nothing to hide, why not provide Congress with the requested documents and restore integrity to our election process?

“It’s time for the White House to make good on its promise of transparency and come clean about what other elections Administration officials may have sought to influence.”

Judiciary Committee Democrats reported the resolution “adversely” by a vote of 15-12.