Washington, D.C. – Chairman of the Immigration Reform Caucus Congressman Brian Bilbray, Congressman Trent Franks and the Ranking Member on the Committee on the Judiciary Lamar Smith have filed an Amicus Curiae, or Friend of the Court Brief, with the United States District Court in Arizona in regards to the Obama Administration’s lawsuit US v. Arizona. The brief supports Arizona and was filed on behalf of the bipartisan Immigration Reform Caucus, 76 Members of the House of Representatives and five U.S. Senators. The brief explains how the Obama Administration’s claim that Arizona’s law, SB 1070, preempts federal immigration law is without merit.

"Arizona has every right to defend itself against illegal immigration," said Congressman Bilbray. "The federal government has failed to live up to its responsibility to enforce federal law concerning immigration, and Arizona’s law does not preempt federal statutes. It is time to stop playing politics, roll up our sleeves and get to work on a bipartisan immigration bill that addresses America’s border security, goes after employers who exploit illegal immigrants and reduces identity theft."

Bilbray continued, "I stand by my claim: the bipartisan Immigration Reform Caucus is ready and willing to meet with President Obama to address bipartisan and meaningful immigration reform."

Congressman Franks stated, "President Obama is going to end up having to sue several states, including Rhode Island and others, if the Administration wants to sue everyone who tries to enforce immigration law. This is in addition to the numerous other states who have either introduced legislation similar to Arizona’s (such as Michigan, South Carolina, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania,) and as many as 15 others have expressed a desire to pass a law similar to SB 1070. Furthermore, the Administration’s lawsuit is politically disastrous, since more than 55% of Americans disagree with the lawsuit. The American people want an effective, enforced federal immigration policy and secure borders. The last thing this ridiculous lawsuit is doing is making our laws more clear or our border more secure, and President Obama must continue to hear that the Members who signed this brief, along with the American people, strongly oppose the ongoing politicization of this serious national security and federal immigration issue."

Ranking Member on the Committee on the Judiciary Lamar Smith said, "The Obama administration is wrong to sue the State of Arizona. The Arizona law is favored by a majority of Arizonans and Americans. Also the Arizona law mirrors federal law and is only necessary because the Obama administration has failed to do its job. Instead of suing Arizona, the Obama administration should stand up for citizens and legal immigrants, enforce our immigration laws and secure the border."

The text of the brief is below. The Federation for American Immigration Reform and the American Center for Law and Justice have come out in support of the Immigration Reform Caucus’ brief.

U S v Arizona Amicus 7 20 2010.pdf

Exhibit A.pdf

Exhibit B.pdf


The following Members of the House and Senate have signed onto the brief:

1)         Congressman Trent Franks

2)        Congressman Brian Bilbray

3)        Congressman John Campbell

4)        Congressman Gary Miller

5)         Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn

6)        Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

7)         Congressman Duncan Hunter

8)        Congressman Bill Posey

9)        Congressman Ted Poe

10)      Congressman Howard Coble

11)       Congressman Todd Tiahrt

12)       Congressman Rodney Alexander

13)       Congressman John Sullivan

14)       Congresswoman Virginia Foxx

15)       Congressman John Fleming

16)       Congressman Jerry Moran

17)       Congressman Steve King

18)      Congresswoman Sue Myrick

19)       Congressman John Duncan

20)      Congressman Jeff Miller

21)       Congressman Mike Simpson

22)      Congressman Scott Garrett

23)      Congressman Mike Coffman

24)      Congressman Jim Jordan

25)      Congressman Thaddeus McCotter

26)      Congressman Walter Jones

27)      Congressman Paul Broun

28)      Congressman John Culberson

29)      Congressman John Boozman

30)      Congressman Ed Royce

31)       Congressman Jack Kingston

32)      Congressman J. Gresham Barrett

33)      Congressman Pete Hoekstra

34)      Congressman John Carter

35)      Congressman Tom McClintock

36)      Congressman Ed Whitfield

37)      Congressman Patrick McHenry

38)      Congresswoman Jean Schmidt

39)      Congressman Robert Aderholt

40)      Congressman John Kline

41)       Congressman Phil Gingrey

42)      Congressman Joe Pitts

43)      Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis

44)      Congressman John Shadegg

45)      Congressman Michael Burgess

46)      Congressman Spencer Bachus

47)      Congressman Lamar Smith

48)      Congressman Kevin Brady

49)      Congressman Todd Platts

50)      Congressman Jason Chaffetz

51)       Congressman Robert Latta

52)      Congressman Phil Roe

53)      Congressman Mike Rogers

54)      Congressman Rob Wittman

55)       Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

56)      Congressman Elton Gallegly

57)       Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite

58)      Congressman Louie Gohmert

59)      Congressman Wally Herger

60)      Congressman Gene Taylor

61)       Congressman Geoff Davis

62)      Congressman Tom Graves

63)      Congressman Tom Price

64)      Congressman Cliff Stearns

65)      Congressman Jerry Lewis

66)      Congressman Gus Bilirakis

67)      Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins

68)      Congressman Tim Murphy

69)      Congressman Randy Neugebauer

70)      Congressman Doug Lamborn

71)       Congressman Bob Goodlatte

72)      Congressman Ken Calvert

73)      Congressman Michael McCaul

74)      Congressman David Dreier

75)       Congressman Rob Bishop

76)      Congressman J. Randy Forbes

77)       Senator Roger Wicker

78)      Senator Jim DeMint

79)      Senator David Vitter

80)      Senator James Inhofe

81)      Senator John Barrasso