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Introduced Bill Author Title Action Result
04/26/2018 H.R. 5634 Rep. Matt Gaetz
Medical Cannabis Research Act of 2018 Voice Vote Passed
09/10/2018 H.R. 6755 Rep. Darrell Issa
Judiciary ROOM Act Voice Vote Passed
07/27/2017 H.R. 3487 Rep. Steve King
To amend section 1332 of title 28, United States Code, to provide that the requirement for diversity of citizenship jurisdiction is met if any one party to the case is diverse in citizenship from any one adverse party in the case
09/10/2018 H.R. 6754 Rep. Darrell Issa
CIRCUIT Act Recorded Vote Passed (16-5)
09/07/2018 H.R. 6730 Rep. Goodlatte
Injunctive Authority Clarification Act of 2018 Recorded Vote Passed (14-6)
09/10/2018 H.R. 6758 Rep. Steve Chabot
Study of Underrepresented Classes Chasing Engineering and Science Success Act of 2018
06/13/2017 H.R. 2899 Mr. Sensenbrenner
Second Chance Reauthorization Act of 2017
06/08/2018 H.R. 6063 Mr. Sensenbrenner
a bill to enact certain existing laws relating to domestic security as Title 6, United States Code, “Domestic Security” and to make technical amendments to improve the United States Code
06/12/2018 H.R. 6342 Rep. Lamar Smith
a bill to make revisions in Title 51, United States Code, as necessary to keep the title current, and to make technical amendments to improve the United States Code
09/10/2018 H.R. 6762 Rep. David Cicilline
a bill to make improvements in the enactment of title 41, United States Code, into a positive law title and to improve the Code
06/21/2018 H.R. 6176 Rep. Jerold Nadler
a bill to make technical amendments to update statutory references to certain provisions classified to title 2, United States Code, title 50, United States Code, and title 52, United States Code.

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