Full Committee | By Direction of the Chairman


Introduced Bill Author Title Action Result
04/25/2016 H.R. 5046 Rep. Sensenbrenner
Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Reduction Act of 2016 Voice Vote Passed
04/26/2016 H.R. 5052 Rep. McCarthy
Opioid Program Evaluation Act Voice Vote Passed
04/30/2015 H.R. 2137 Rep. Collins
Federal Law Enforcement Self-Defense and Protection Act of 2015 Voice Vote Passed
04/26/2016 H.R. 5048 Rep. Guinta
To require a study by the Comptroller General of the United States on Good Samaritan laws that pertain to treatment of opioid overdoses, and for other purposes Voice Vote Passed
07/29/2015 H.R. 3394 Rep. Posey
Clarifying Amendment to Provide Terrorism Victims Equity (CAPTIVE) Act Voice Vote Passed as Amended

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