The hearing will focus on the enforcement of antitrust and competition laws against companies and citizens that engage in the ever-expanding global marketplace. Specifically, the hearing will focus on China’s enforcement of its competition laws and the potential impact of China’s enforcement on other international jurisdictions. The Subcommittee will hear from experts in the field of antitrust and competition who will discuss China’s development of its competition laws, China’s potential abuse of its competition laws, and how the U.S. is coordinating with the Chinese government in order to ensure fairness, transparency, and objectivity for American businesses and citizens who interact with the country.

“The House Judiciary Committee routinely exercises it oversight authority ensuring that our nation’s antitrust laws are applied in a manner that is transparent, fair, predictable, and reasonably stable over time. A natural extension of this oversight is ensuring that our nation’s companies and citizens receive comparable treatment in foreign jurisdictions.  This oversight becomes increasingly important as commerce becomes more and more of a global enterprise.”  

“As China’s economic presence and significance to the American economy grows, Congress must help to ensure that our businesses and citizens are provided a level playing field when they interact with the Chinese economy. The hearing will examine allegations of abuse by China of its competition laws, whether Chinese enforcement is impacting how other jurisdictions enforce their laws, and the nature of our executive branch interaction with China and other foreign jurisdictions on international competition law enforcement.”


Name Occupation Organization Testimony Truth in Testimony
Honorable Maureen Ohlhausen Commissioner Federal Trade Commission
    Mr. Mark Cohen Senior Counsel US Patent and Trademark Office
      Mr. Sean Heather Vice President, Center for Global Regulatory Cooperation US Chamber of Commerce
      Professor Thomas Horton Professor of Law and Heidepriem Trial Advocacy Fellow University of South Dakota School of Law

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