By Direction of the Chairman

Since the 1960’s, the portion of the federal budget dedicated to federal regulatory agencies, and their staffing levels, has grown dramatically. Furthermore, there has been a great rise in additional ways the President and federal agencies have deviated from the traditional process of rulemaking, thereby diffusing responsibility for policies in complicated ways few people can even begin to understand.  These unorthodox practices have led to the type of legal uncertainty condemned by our Founding Fathers.  At the task force hearing, members will explore issues related to the growth in federal regulatory burdens imposed by a largely unaccountable federal bureaucracy.

“Over the past several decades, federal regulatory agencies have grown dramatically both in power and size. While the federal bureaucracy is largely unaccountable to the American people, its actions have significant implications for our nation and economy. At the task force hearing, we will examine the many issues related to the growth in federal regulatory burdens and look for solutions to rein in this problem.”


Name Occupation Organization Testimony Truth in Testimony
John Graham Dean Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Sofie Miller Senior Policy Analyst Regulatory Studies Center, The George Washington University
Amit Narang Regulatory Policy Advocate Public Citizen
Gail Heriot Professor of Law University of San Diego School of Law

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