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Hearing on: Competition in the Package Delivery Industry

Hearing PDF (Serial No. 110-203)


Name Occupation Organization Testimony Truth in Testimony
Honorable George Voinovich U.S. Senator
    Honorable Sherrod Brown U.S. Senator
      Honorable Marcy Kaptur U.S. Representative
        Honorable Betty Sutton U.S. Representative
          Honorable Michael Turner U.S. Representative
            Honorable Lee Fisher Lt. Governor State of Ohio
              Honorable David Raizk Mayor Wilimington, Ohio
                Jon Mullen CEO DHL Express
                  Burt Wallace Sr. Vice President, Corporate Transportation UPS
                    David Ross President of Teamster Local 1224 Representing the Pilots of ABX Air
                      John Prater President Air Line Pilots Association, Intl.
                        David Balto Attorney